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Hunter PGV-100-JTS JarTop Without FlowControl

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List Price: $26.75
Our Price: $13.75
Item Number: H-PGV-100-JTS
Manufacturer: Hunter
Manufacturer Part No: H-PGV-100-JTS

Hunter PGV-100JTGS

PGV 1" Globe Valve Without Flow Control 

SLIP x SLIP    JarTop Bonnet


Quality Residential 1"PGV Globe Valve Without FlowControl 150 PSI rating

 JarTop Bonnet

PGV Valves 

 A complete line-up of rugged, professional-grade valves.

Designed to handle the full range of landscape needs.

Hunter PGV-100JTG 1"Plastic Globe Valve WithOut FlowControl

This hard working, heavy-duty performer offers you the best features of 

our top-of-the-line valves - more than enough to handle 

the rigors of whatever your site has to offer. 

For smaller landscape applications, the PGV is available in four 1" body configurations, in either an angle, globe, male x male, or male x barb design.

In turn, each model is available as either flow control or non-flow control versions.

For larger landscape applications, the PGV comes in both 1 1/2" and 2" globe/angle models (with flow control).

All models feature durable high-grade construction and a rugged diaphragm with a support to prevent stress failure

PGV Jar-Top: Tops in Service

Speaking of convenience, the PGV Jar-Top series brings a whole new level of servicing ease to the industry. Much like a jam or jelly jar in your kitchen pantry, this design features a threaded, twist-off top that lets you service the diaphragm quickly and efficiently without using a single tool.

Just like the bonnet-top PGV, the PGV Jar-Top comes with a full range of connections to meet every need: male x male, male x barb, slip x slip joints for PVC pipe, even female threaded inlets and outlets. Like the rest of the PGV line, the Jar-Top uses the same robust solenoid model and diaphragms to keep service SKUs and inventories to a minimum.

So remember this three-letter combination next time you are in a position to recommend a valve that will be at the very heart of your professional reputation—GV!

Jar-Top bonnet
Intuitive design makes it easy to access the valve; no tools necessary

Fully-encapsulated Hunter solenoid
Provides dependable operation and long life

High grade construction
Made of durable materials and stainless steel to resist wear

Internal manual bleed
Easy to use and keeps valve box dry

Flow control option
Adjusts the flow of each zone on a system to deliver optimum nozzle performance

Rigid diaphragm support
Works to prevent stress failure in tough conditions

Common parts to other Hunter valves
Diaphragm is interchangeable with PGV, SRV and PGV-ASV series 1" valves; solenoid fits all Hunter plastic valves

Wide variety of body styles
Easy installation for all types of connections


• Flow: .2 to 120 GPM (0.04 to 27.2 m3/hr; 0.7 to 454.2 l/min)

• Pressure: 20 to 150 PSI (1.4 to 10.3 bars; 138 to 1034 kPa)

• Ambient temperature: up to 150˚F (66˚C)

• Heavy-duty solenoid: 24VAC, 370mA inrush current, 

190mA holding current, 60 cycles; 475mA inrush current, 

230mA holding current, 50 cycles


• Accu-Set™ pressure regulator

• Reclaimed water identification handle PGV-101 models (part # 269205) 

for PGV-151/201 models (part# 412705)

• DC latching solenoid (part # 458200)

• Solenoid conduit cover (part # 464322)

• Drip Irrigation Valve Kit (part # PCZ10125 or PCZ10140


• 1" Globe and Male x Male: 5" H x 4 1/2" L x 2 1/2" W 

(13 cm H x 11 cm L x 6 cm W)

• 1" Male x Barb: 5" H x 5 1/2" L x 2 1/2" W 

(13 cm H x 14 cm L x 6 cm W)

• 1" Angle: 5 1/2" H x 3 1/2" L x 2 3/4" W 

(14 cm H x 9 cm L x 7 cm W)

• 1 1/2" Globe/Angle: 7 1/2" H x 5 3/4" L x 4 1/2" W 

(19 cm H x 15 cm L x 11 cm W)

• 2" Globe/Angle: 8" H x 6 3/4" L x 5 1/4" W 

(20 cm H x 17 cm L x 13 cm W)


PGV-100G – 1" plastic globe valve, no flow control

PGV-101G – 1" plastic globe valve with flow control

PGV-100A – 1" plastic angle valve, no flow control

PGV-101A – 1" plastic angle valve with flow control

PGV-100MB – 1" plastic globe valve, no flow control, male thread x 1" barb

PGV-101MB – 1" plastic globe valve, with flow control, male thread x barb

PGV-100MB125 – 1" plastic globe valve, no flow control, male thread x 1 1/4" barb

PGV-101MB125 – 1" plastic globe valve, with flow control, male thread x 1 1/4" barb

PGV-100MM – 1" plastic globe valve, no flow control, male x male thread

PGV-101MM – 1" plastic globe valve, with flow control, male x male thread

PCZ10125 – 1" drip control zone kit, 25 PSI regulator

PCZ10140 – 1" drip control zone kit, 40 PSI regulator

PGV-151 – 1 1/2" plastic angle/globe valve with flow control

PGV-201 – 2" plastic angle/globe valve with flow control

PGV Means Professional Grade Valves

Just as controllers or timers are the “brains” of an irrigation grid, professional installers view valves as the “heart” of any sprinkler system. They have to be durable and dependable, providing just the right amount of water day in and day out—without missing a beat.

For smaller landscapes, the PGV comes in several 1-inch versions, including angle and globe configurations with a wide variety of connection types: male x male, male x barb, even an optional slip x slip for direct glue connections when using PVC pipe. Each configuration is available with flow control, which enables the water flow to be adjusted at each zone within the system.

For larger landscape applications, PGV comes in both 1 1/2- and 2-inch models with flow control. Both of these models are combination globe/angle, providing maximum flexibility.

In addition to the wide choice of models to suit any application without the need for a lot of re-piping, every Hunter PGV valve is built to the same exacting design and engineering standards that have made them the preferred choice among thousands of professionals the world over. High-grade materials and construction mean a true 150 PSI rating to easily withstand even the highest pressures. Hunter can make this claim because each valve is water tested to this pressure, as well as minimum and maximum flows, before being shipped.

Plus, captive bonnet bolts mean no lost parts during servicing, and the same heavy-duty solenoid model is used in all Hunter plastic valves. That means you have to stock only one kind in your truck for any maintenance calls—another contractor convenience.