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RainBird ESP-SMTE ESP4 to SMART-E Upgrade Kit

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List Price: $222.00
Our Price: $128.00
Item Number: RB-ESP-SMTE-UPG
Manufacturer: RainBird
Manufacturer Part No: ESP-SMTE-UPG

RainBird    ESP-SMTE-UPG 

Outdoor 4-Station SMART-E Controller

Convert Your Existing ESP-4m or ESP-4MI to an SMTE SMART-E Controller

ESP-SMTE-UPG will convert your existing ESP-4 controller to a SMART-E Controller with Sensors. You'll $AVE Water and Money

ESP SMART Controllers water only when needed to $aving water, time, & money

If you are concerned about water conservation, this is the controller for your home.

RainBird  ESP-SMTE Series

Smart-E Irrigation Control System

Other Smart Sprinkler Timers claim simplicity and precision; the Rain Bird® ESP-SMTE Smart Control System delivers. Combining the proven simplicity of the Extra Simple Programming (ESP) controller family with the accuracy of weather-based control, this innovative system is engineered to save valuable time, money and water.

The ease and speed with which you can program this controller is remarkable. Simply input a few key specifics, such as your zip code, allowed watering days and the plant/soil type for each zone; the ESP-SMTE does the rest.
Your irrigation system waters only when the landscape requires it. And you save 30-70% in water.

With mounting regulations and severe drought in many regions of the country, the days when water inefficiency was overlooked are gone. The future promises even more restrictions for the irrigation industry. But along with these challenges come opportunities. Pioneering smart irrigation technology, Rain Bird was the first full-line irrigation manufacturer with a controller to earn the EPAís WaterSense label, ensuring it is at least 20 percent more efficient than non-labeled products.

NOTE: The ESP-SMTE Upgrade Kit includes the new front panel and weather sensor only. This upgrade kit will not enable older Rain Bird ESP-M or ESP-SMT series controllers to use the newer 6 station expansion modules. When using the upgrade kit with these older models, programming for some stations will appear to be "skipped" due to the way station numbers are set up in the newer controllers. The upgrade kit will allow a maximum of 12 stations and 1 aux station station to be programmed on older models.

The ESP-SMTE maximizes water efficiency by factoring in everything from soil type to the slope of your lawn to the amount of sun exposure different areas receive. All of these details are calculated for every zone of your automatic sprinkler system to help you maintain a lush, healthy lawn and landscape.

SMART-E WeatherSensors guide the ESP controller to adjust to water needs of the site and changes of weather

Adapting Water Usage to Weather & Site Conditions is the SMART Use of Water

A Smart Controller should be smart enough to account for rainfall, right? Not always. In fact, most Smart Controllers simply suspend irrigation when it rains, without accurately measuring rainfall. By comparison, the ESP-SMTE not only suspends irrigation, it measures instantaneous rainfall amounts, determines the effective rainfall and calculates exactly how much to adjust your watering schedule to prevent over-watering and under-watering.


Zones/Stations 4-13  -  expandable
Controller Type -  Modular/Expandable, Smart/Self-adjusting Weather-based

Features Battery-programmable, Cycle+Soak, Delay Between Stations, Rain Delay, Seasonal Adjust, Water Budget
Programs 1
Program Day Cycles Custom days of the Week, Odd days, Even days, Cyclical (water every x days), Calendar day off
Start Times per Zone/Program 1



    • Width: 10.7”
    • Height: 7.7”
    • Depth: 4.4”

Sensor (Largest Area Across)

    • Width: 6.0”
    • Length: 8.8”
    • Height: 5.9” (includes Solar Shield)

Mounting Bracket (Mounted on Vertical Surface)

    • Maximum reach: 7.0”

Electrical Specifications

    • Input Required: 120VAC +/- 10%
    • Output: 25.5VAC 1A
    • Surge Protection: Primary input side has (2) built-in MOV’s (metal oxide varistor) to protect circuitry. Output side has(2) built-in MOV’s for each valve station.
    • Power back-up: Lithium coin-cell battery maintains time and date while non-volatile memory maintains the schedule.
    • Multi-valve station capacity: Up to two 24VAC, 7VA solenoid valves per station plus a master valve.