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Toro 570Z-12P 12"PopUp HP BodyOnly

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List Price: $15.70
Our Price: $8.20
Item Number: T-570Z-12P
Manufacturer: Toro
Manufacturer Part No: 570Z-12P
TORO   570Z-12P   12" PopUp HP BODY

570Z Series - SprayHead Bodies & Nozzles


Ideal for small (5’ to 15’) lawn and shrub areas, all seals are designed to prevent leakage around the riser when the system is turned on. It also keeps dirt and debris from entering the sprinkler. The seal prevents flushing on pop-up so that there is no water loss at start up. This means you can install more sprinklers per zone. Turn designs into beautiful landscapes without sacrificing creativity


  • Zero-flush seal prevents flushing on pop-up
  • Several body sizes—to satisfy varying installation requirements
  • 115 different nozzles provide tremendous versatility
  • Ratcheting riser feature for easy and reliable arc adjustment
  • All bodies shipped with a flush plug in place for ease of flushing and riser pull up

Zero Flush Wiper Seal
Prevents flushing on the pop-up, allowing more sprinklers on the same line.

One-Piece Check Valve
Easily installed in the field. Maintains up to 10’ (3m) elevation change.

Small 2” (50mm) Diameter Cap
Less visible, reducing damage from exposure or vandals.


Radius     2'-26' (.6 - 7.4 m)

Flow     0.05-4.50 GPM (.2 - 17 LPM)

Recommended Operating Pressure     20-50 PSI (1.4 - 3.4 BAR)

Maximum Operating Pressure     75 PSI (5.2 BAR)

Inlet     1/2" (1.3 cm) female threaded